Prague// The Experience

We stayed at the Alychemist!!IMG_5041

A little outside BBQ on Xmas Eve!L1020838L1020820

Again, we enjoy taking pictures of cute little humans along the way.L1020828L1020830

If you like puppets…you will not be let down here.L1020836

Dog people find dog people.  I have been gone from the US at this point for over 3 weeks and craving big hugs from my dogs at home.  L1030002IMG_4990


The city is rich of history and so colorful!L1030019L1030024L1030040IMG_5014IMG_5004IMG_5002IMG_4997

This was our guide Marcvs (thats actually how he spelled it). He was very passionate about his country and fun and gave us a lot of facts about this city.


This is the famous Astronomical clock in Old Town Prague. It doesn’t just keep track of the time. It also keeps track of where the moon and planets are in relation to the earth.

This is a memorial to the Christians that lost their life (when the Catholics ruled).L1030079L1030077L1030075L1030068IMG_4995

Some night shots in Prague.L1020775L1020773IMG_5056

We visited the Jewish Cemetery in Prague.


The next day we took a trip to Kunta Hara. Kunta Hara was an silver mining town since 1142. This brought a lot of wealth to the Czech kings. This is St Barbara’s Church.  If you look really closely, you can see Marc in front of the church.


The sun came out after we toured around for a bit.


The most handsome tourist I’ve seen.L1030201L1030191L1030187

Then we went to the Sedlec Ossuary (Chapel of all Saints). In 1270 an abbot went to the holy land and brought back dirt. This dirt was scattered on this site and people wanted to be buried on holy land for 700+ years. 30,000 people died in this city during the plague and another 10-20,000 died from wars. The monks decided to use all these skeletons to decorate the church in order to honor the dead.L1030179

Code of Bones.L1030177

I feel so, ALIVE in here:)L1030167


It was so cool to bump into a guy walking around with an Eagle Owl.


A stoll through the park in front of our hotel L1030116

This wall sustained many attacks on Prague.


Prague was a great way to end the trip and we will forever remember this experience!IMG_5067L1030062

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