Mnemba Island// The Experience

We wanted to end the Africa trip by going to Mnemba Island!!  We took two small plane flights and a boat to get there!  img_3027img_3058img_3047

Staff of Mnemba Island greeting us!

Our own beachfront Villa!!! img_6679img_3076img_3098img_3126

Marc loves scuba diving and took full advantage as much as he could!



Playing around on the beach is what we did the whole time!!!!


Dinner on the beach every night!img_3241img_6739

Captain Fantastic!


One of our favorite parts of the trip was watching hundreds of baby turtles hatch and run to the sea!  We learned that less than 1% of the baby turtles survive the first 5 years of their life.  It takes up to 5 years to get heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the ocean and get away from the birds and other predators that could can eat them easily when they are small. Swim away little guys!!!

Goodbye Mnemba!!!!

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