Chang Mai// Dhara Dhevi Hotel

We went crazy for the Dhara Dhevi! This entire property is UNREAL!  We were so happy to have found this place in Chang Mai.  It felt like it’s own village.  L1010631

We were so hungry when we arrived we went straight to dinner just in time to watch their entertainment! Their traditional dances were lovely!  They have several places you can eat here and they are all amazing restaraunts.L1010231L1010208L1010229L1010682

One of their Grand Pools!!!!L1010360IMG_7937

These rice fields were right outside most of the bungalows!  You could walk on the tiny pathways all around the property.L1010378L1010385L1010395

The GardensIMG_7947IMG_7944L1010387L1010400L1010641This is where their SPA is and it was SO fancy and fun.L1010405

These are some of the spices and aromas they use.L1010410L1010448L1010451

The most wonderful breakfast bar!!!L1010464L1010473L1010477

Marc and I walked around the entire property and we kept discovering more and more cool spots!L1010638


It’s like legends of the hidden temple.DSCN1273L1010628DSCN1272DSCN1274DSCN1282DSCN1283DSCN1292

This is a spirit house for souls to hang out in before their next life. Pretty cool philosophy if you ask me.DSCN1297IMG_8018IMG_8023L1010817IMG_4446IMG_4442L1010794IMG_4439

Our room!IMG_8102L1010780

The Giving Tree of LIFE!L1010822

This building is Dhara Dhevi’s famous french restaurant, Farang Ses! Since we were the only people dining there that night, we got to request any song we wanted from the piano player! I liked this place so much I wrote even more about it in the food section! Look for the “Fang” looking post.


During breakfast they let some animals roam free on the property.  This cow was being ridden by a nice man who played the flute.  He let us take fun pics before we went about his way again:)


We had the best time here at the Dhara Dhevi!IMG_4450

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