Chang Mai// The Experience

We stayed at the Dhara Dhevi which was one of the best decisions on our trip in Thailand.  I will say even if we never left the hotel we would have still had a great time.L1010684

Marc is beginning to take in Thailand!DSCN1305

This is one of the pools at night!L1010679

If you check out the Dhara Dhevi post, you will get to see why we loved this place so much….pools, pools, galore!!!IMG_4442

Welcome to the Elephant Jungle!

This is one of my most favorite experiences I’ve ever had with another animal.  We got to feed, bathe, and play with the elephants.  I researched a lot of places to go and this place seemed like one of the best places for these elephants to live.

The Elephant Jungle Camp is one of the only camps where they don’t make the Elephants work (meaning they don’t ride tourist around all day). They are all retired. We basically went to an Elephant retirement home.

There is a much more complicated challenge behind tourism, poverty, and elephants here in Thailand.  Do your research before you pay and support an organization that could  possibly be doing more harm than good.


Getting to feed this gentle giant was such a fun and heart warming experience.  L1010322L1010320

In a perfect world poachers wouldn’t exist. There are so many endagered animals here. There aren’t many tigers left in Thailand. Giraffes are also in the high category of being extinct as well.L1010291L1010327

Marc fed the elephant at least 30 bananas.

We learned so much about the elephants in Thailand. The issue is much more complex and challenging than I anticipated around keeping these elephants safe. Elephants cost A LOT of money to take care of. Most of the wild elephants get killed unless they are protected by owners. Some owners treat them badly and try to make as much money off them as possible. Elephants have to eat 10% of their body weight a day…..ususally consisting of banannas, pinnneaple, sugarcane, etc. They have to drink 30-50 gallons of fresh water a day. It costs owners a lot of money to take care of these magestic animals….tourists keep them alive by paying to spend time with them…..hence riding, feeding, and bathing them. Some camps only have elephants ride for an hour a day….some much more than that. We still didn’t feel good about it and opted to just help feed and bathe them.DSCN1190L1010334L1010340DSCN1180

After we bathed them, we bathed ourselves!L1010350

Then we drove about an hour and a half north to a village.



This is how the people of the village sit and talk.DSCN1191

This is one of their homes and inside is a shop with lots of handmade goods for sale.DSCN1194

Marc made me weave:)L1010483DSCN1204L1010499

This is their way of surviving.  Americans eat meat everyday, multiple times a day.  People who live in poverty treat meat as a delicacy and only eat it on special occasions. They save these little pigs for their special occasions like a wedding or a big holiday.  DSCN1199L1010495DSCN1197

Then we got to make some coffee from scratchL1010509

This is FRESH ground coffee.L1010506L1010504L1010508L1010515DSCN1212

Then we hiked to the highest point in Thailand. Dos Inthanon…L1010551

There is an altar here to celebrate the life of the man that helped protect this area from loggers. This area was called Doi Inthanon. The name Doi Inthanon was given in honour of King Inthawichayanon, one of the last kings of Chiang Mai, who was concerned about the forests in the north and tried to preserve them. He ordered that after his death his remains be interred at Doi Luang, which was then renamed in his honour.L1010544L1010566L1010570L1010579L1010545L1010584L1010586

If you fall, you must try, try again….DSCN1240

There ya go!!!!!DSCN1241

I told him I got his finger right on the point. 🙂DSCN1255

Another Kissing Bridge!!!!DSCN1253L1010597DSCN1266DSCN1264DSCN1259L1010599

Once again, taking pictures of the cutest little humans!L1010610L1010613L1010614IMG_7997

This was our amazing translator and guide during our time in Thailand. Her name was JOY and she had the most amazing perspectives and stories to share with us. She was incredible and we were very lucky to have her for both days of tours.L1010619

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